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Watchman protects rented or leased mobile devices against theft, fraud or late return. The platform automatically binds devices via IMEI or Serial Number and registers them into the system each time a user restores a device to factory settings. Through a simple and intuitive administration console available in the browser, an administrator can manage thousands of devices at any one time.

Watchman supports Samsung devices with Android 7.0 and later.

Integration with Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Guard delivers the highest level of security and guarantees unbreakable control over any device.

Key features

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Devices enroll automatically to Watchman. Just add the IMEI or Serial number into the console. The device does not even need to leave its box to deploy Watchman.

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Once a device is added to Watchman, it cannot be removed by the user. Only an authorized administrator can deactivate the management. The app cannot be uninstalled, the device cannot be rooted and a factory reset will result in the device automatically being enrolled to Watchman once again.

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Watchman enables the installation of any third party app. Remotely installed apps can be started immediately after successful enrollment.

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Watchman enables the creation of custom notifications, dialogs and images with URLs. The frequency, appearance and the period of time which elapses before a user can close any notification can all be customized.

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Watchman enables an administrator to block any app on a device by simply adding the package ID into a policy. The app is immediately blocked and remains so until the policy is changed.

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Watchman enables the limiting of device functionality. Bluetooth, NFC, the camera, SMS or outgoing calls can all be blocked by the administrator.

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Devices can be totally blocked from the Watchman console. Dependent on customizable policies, an image can be permanently displayed on the lock screen, giving the user instructions. e.g. "Please click this button to call our accounts dept." When blocked, the device is rendered inoperable, or allowed only to perform pre-determined operations.

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In the event that a device has no internet access or has the SIM card removed, Watchman still enables the enforcement of rules and policies.

How to manage devices?

Watch the video to see how easy to use is our solution.

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