Proget Key Features

  • Zero touch

    Zero-touch enrolment

    Devices using Android and iOS can be quickly identified and linked to individuals, with no requirement for action on behalf of the user.

  • Unified security policy

    Unified security policy

    Data can be securely encrypted and devices can be integrated with existing business services and application such as e-mail, VPN, file access, CRM systems, etc.

  • Application Management

    Application management

    Distribution and configuration both store and in-house applications. Ability to deliver and manage updates remotely. Manage application availability through white and black list.

  • Device Management

    Device management

    Easily set and enforce policies for all the device functionality e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC.

  • Data security

    Data security

    When a device is lost or stolen, IT administrators can remotely wipe the corporate data or wipe all data.

  • Advanced location

    Advanced location

    On demand, on the move in real time, or at pre-set time intervals. With additional features and time fencing.

We invite you to watch a short film demonstrating MDM's core functionalities


  • Logistic icon

    Proget brings an unprecedented level of mobile security and control over all mobile devices

  • Administration icon

    All mobile devices are compliant with company policy

  • Finance icon

    Advanced functionality provides control to both corporate owned and byo devices whilst protecting employees rights to personal privacy

Regardless of device and operating system, Proget provides complete control over your fleet of smartphones and tablets, and as importantly, your company data which is stored or accessed on them. Proget's single console is the easist and most intuitive management console among all EMM systems, and provides simple to understand control, through easy to manage policies.


Samsung Knox

  • Management, storage and protection of confidential data
  • Advanced hardware and software protection
  • Integration with Knox Workspace
  • Integration with Knox Mobile Enrollment

Apple DEP and VPP

  • Fast enrollment of devices
  • Automatic distribution of business applications
  • Full control over devices
  • Easy management of application licenses

Android Enterprise

  • The possibility of using a private device for business purposes
  • Devices configured remotely
  • The possibility of preparing a corporate managed device
  • Integration with Android Zero-Touch

Supported systems

Android 5.0 and later
iOS 10.3 and later
Windows 10

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