The problem with mobile devices in the enterprise

In recent years, issues related to the management and security of the mobile devices that we all increasingly use have grown exponentially. The growth of mobile device usage in the enterprise is requiring IT departments to implement new technologies, to ensure the security of a myriad of different devices, operating systems and applications. Attacks on the security of mobile devices has now overtaken attacks on the traditional IT infrastructure.

Mobile device management solutions, also known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), provide centralized management and monitoring of mobile devices, as well as the protection of data and the enforcement of security policies. MDM can manage device usage, configuration in accordance with policy, secure storage and data transfer, and touches every stage of data processing, from file creation to storage and sharing. MDM solutions provide an integrated approach and are able to detect, diagnose and eliminate potential threats in real time, regardless of time, location or status of the device. 

Why do enterprises need to think about implementing an MDM solution?

The findings of the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2019 study show that despite the fact that the vast majority of companies said they are aware of the growing risks posed by the adoption of mobile technologies, their current levels of security are not good enough.

“Companies are increasingly reliant on mobility as the backbone of their business operations so there needs to be a priority on securing those devices,” said TJ Fox, SVP & President Business Markets with Verizon. “The applications on these devices now manage things like supply chain systems, point of sale systems, or customer facing apps. The lack of robust security measures could potentially expose corporate assets, and possibly customer data, to malicious actors.”

According to Verizon’s survey:

  • Five of six (83 percent) respondents said that their organization was at risk of mobile threats, 29 percent said that it was a significant risk
  • Two thirds (67 percent) of organizations said they are less confident about the security of their mobile assets than other devices
  • Five of six (85 percent) said organizations need to take mobile security more seriously
  • 81 percent admitted using public Wi-Fi, even when many said doing so was prohibited by company policy
  • 80 percent of those that said they were responsible for securing mobile devices said they use public Wi-Fi, even when doing so was prohibited by company policy

This study shows that even when the security policies are set, the issue of the implementation and execution of these policies requires control by the company management.

How can MDM solutions make a difference?

Mobile device management solutions offer a vast set of features, covering everything from remote device management for blacklisting unwanted apps, to remote control for troubleshooting and fixing issues on remote machines. Data management, content management, OS updates, device tracking, and remote wipe are other important MDM security functions. 

Technical problems can be a significant issue for employees traveling for business. Remote troubleshooting gives admins a way to fix mobile device issues quickly without leaving their desk. 

Keeping devices up-to-date has always been a best practice. For the recent Bluetooth vulnerability that affected most mobile devices, updating the OS was the only cure. Automatic OS updates, combined with proper scheduling and testing, helps enterprises avoid unnecessary breakdowns and improve employees’ overall productivity.

Not all users handle their devices safely; some employees may lose their devices or fall victim to theft. With MDM security procedures in place, admins can locate these lost devices and remotely wipe the corporate data on them, keeping this data safe.  

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