Obuv Rossii (Shoes of Russia) deploys Proget Mobile Device Management

Obuv Rossii (Shoes of Russia) has completed the first stage of creating a unified system for managing mobile devices, which allows centralized control over smartphones, tablets and data collection terminals that employees use in stores and at the company's warehouses. The new system is based on the Proget Mobile Device Management solution and was implemented by the Novosibirsk system integrator Axxtel-Security.

Obuv Rossii - one of the largest operators in the Russian shoe market - began the project creating a unified system for managing mobile devices in 2019 as part of the digital transformation of the business. The mobile device management system will provide remote control of all corporate mobile devices, including tablets and data collection terminals which are used by the employees in 730 Shoes of Russia stores. The system covers more than 350 cities across the country, with devices also located in warehouses and at the company's central office.

“For the implementation of the project, it was important for us to choose a suitable solution that would meet all of our requirements and provide the necessary functionality within the existing IT infrastructure and the existing fleet of mobile devices,” comments Dmitry Karpenko, IT Director of Obuv Rossii GoC. – “The company must be compliant with the security and protection of personal data standards on mobile devices, as well as have ability to quickly prevent and forestall attempts to steal corporate data. The control system also allows us to centralize control over data collection terminals, smartphones and tablets that employees use in stores and the company warehouses.”

Based on the results of an open tender, Obuv Rossii selected the solution from Proget Software.

“Based on the accumulated experience and expertise of our engineers we selected the Proget MDM solution for the project at Obuv Rossii. The main advantages of the solution are flexible hardware requirements and extensive functionality that allows us to solve a variety of problems of varying complexity”, says Evgeny Titov, Head of applied solutions division at “Axxtel-security”.”

The deployment of the Proget Mobile Device Management solution now allows the company to remotely connect, configure, update and maintain any of the company’s mobile devices, regardless of their location, this is critical due to the nature of the business and geography of Obuv Rosii. A variety of security functions allow the company to set general security policies and special policies for certain categories of devices and provide data encryption and monitoring of the operation of the device. Obuv Rossii uses a large number of tablets in stores, which increases the risk of data loss if the device should be lost - these risks are now minimized by using geolocation functions, for example, the device can be blocked if it’s taken outside any specified zone, and by using remote wipe and remote device lock.

The implementation work is to be carried out in several stages; with more than 1000 devices already enrolled to the system.