Is the data in your company secure?

We recommend to treat company smartphones and tablets with the same attention as company computers. Most often, devices contain con­fidential and sensitive information (e-mails, contacts, etc.). Together with the best cyber security engineers, we have created Proget system to secure companies data. However, if employees do not know basic rules, they can easily share company data outside.

There are few basic rules about security:

  • Changing passwords regularly (especially to the company email or to internal systems). Remember about setting strong passwords. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Do not save your passwords on your computer / phone.
  • Compress the files before sending and set password to unpack them.
  • Do not share files via web server. It is a real threat of data leakage.
  • Use different wi-fi network, e.g. separate for guests.
  • Make backup – this concern computers, but also smartphones and tablets. You can make a copy of backup data at intervals (only data which has changed – differential backup). There is no need to make complete copies, so you save disk space and mobile Internet.
  • Take care of updating software – on the website and on computers as well as on mobile devices.
  • Make employees aware of potentially harmful emails and links (they can infect hardware and steal company data).
  • You should remotely lock business phone or remove company data in case of stolen or lost – Proget system will help you manage and protect all mobile devices in your enterprise.

Manage and protect of all mobile devices and your company data. You can test the Proget system for 30 days thanks FREE TRIAL.