Cybersecurity – Is cyber reality already present or still a distant future we have to wait for?

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a broad field that describes recommendations, technologies, and procedures to secure devices, data, and entire IT networks against unauthorized access, attack, or damage.

Why is cybersecurity so critical?

Cyber security is related to the increasing digitalization and the gradual transfer of life, not only private but also corporate. In cyberspace, where we find it increasingly easy to function. In real life, where we protect our privacy and resources online, we often forget basic precautions adapted to cyber attacks’ current threat level and scale. And while in the private space, we mainly talk about phishing and fraud, the business space is blown away by the scale of the consequences of the slightest data leak or systems failure.

New times – a new approach?

According to the Microsoft Digital Defense 2022 report, cyber hygiene is capable of 98% security. The increasingly emphasized need for systems that secure the entire company from the outside and individual areas within the company is worth noting. More than creating a symbolic wall of defense is required, as threats can come not only from outside when there is usually a spectacular attack described in the media. More than half of security threats originate in the unintentional or accidental actions of an internal factor – an employee. It is, therefore, equally important to take responsibility for securing all areas where the human element significantly impacts the actions taken. Even the most aware employee can have a worse day or reasons that change their intentions.

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What are the implications of mobility?

In recent years, business operations have been moving online, with mobile devices becoming vital tools for business management. The data shows that larger companies’ average number of unsecured devices reaches 3.5k. One can, therefore, easily imagine the scale of the threat. Underestimated, they can often become easy targets, and the reasons can be multiplied endlessly. Every business device represents a series of liabilities and potential risks for which its owners or users are responsible. So is it worth putting responsibility in the hands of chance? Increasingly, the answers are turning towards us – technology and tools for the size and scale of the threats.

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